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Robust AI and data privacy, should not contradict eachother
@InnovationFestival KA

I write about various topics in computer science and economics:

Machine Learning  Artificial Intelligence    Federated Machine Learning     Meta-Learning     AI Explainability    Distributed Systems  

How to make robust AI possible without centralizing data - Using Federated Machine Learning to securely create AI

Hirt, R., October, 2020, Cyber Security Conference 2020, Barockschloss Mannheim

Data Privacy and AI - Is that even possible?

Hirt, R., October, 2020, Innovation Festival 2020, Karlsruhe

Decentral Machine Learning for Industry 4.0

Hirt, R., October, 2020, INFORMATIK 2020, Back2Future

Federated Machine Learning - Basics, Concepts and Challenges

Hirt, R., July, 2020, Advanced training for ML specialists

How to create AI in Distributed Systems

Hirt, R., June, 2020, Remote Brown Bag Session of ARIC

How to make a difference in data privacy with federated machine learning

Hirt, R., June, 2020, Networking Event of "100 AI Talents", Fraunhofer IAO

New ways to develop safe AI with federated machine learning

Hirt, R., June, 2020, Meetup of the AI Labs Baden-Wuerttemberg

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